Factors To Consider When You’re Making The Move From City To Suburbs

By February 28, 2019 2:31 am Consider physical activity options when you move to the suburbs

When you first start toying with the idea of making a move out of the city and into the suburbs so many people will tell you what important factors you should consider. Some will say that looking at crime rates is the way to go. Others will fixate on the need to prioritize school ratings — whether you have school-aged kiddos or not. What our Founder, Naomi, learned during her own home buying process was that while there were many well-intentioned people who shared their insight into what was important when buying a home, there were rarely any people who asked about what lifestyle she hoped to have after the move and ways that her future town would be meeting those needs.

This is why Naomi decided to start Suburbit in the first place because unlike the well-meaning people around you, Suburbit asks questions first and gives answers second. Our priority isn’t just to match you with a town that meets all your number and percentage needs, we want one that reflects the life you want to live and grow into.

In many cases this means looking beyond schools and crime and instead focusing on factors like walkability or your preferred commute. Our 10 question quiz is anchored on asking the right questions at the right time.

Here are some additional factors to consider as you start to pull all your information together for your home-buying process.

Think of how you’ll be getting your exercise in

Whether you’re making your way to a yoga class in town or walking your pup around the neighborhood as the sun rises, think about how much you want your town to resemble your city-walking tendencies or if you’re looking forward to adding different activities to your health regime. Achieving your steps was easy with long walks to the train (or to grab lunch), now make sure you’re prioritizing your favorite ways to work out and get your exercise in when you decide on what town you want to call home.

Consider how many brunch spots you need

When we talk about a town matching your lifestyle, we really try to go down to the nitty gritty. If one of your favorite city pastimes is Sunday brunch, we don’t want you to have to sacrifice that just because you’re also looking for more closet space at home. Instead, having you consider how many brunch spots are the right amount for you and your lifestyle will help ensure that you’re prioritizing the factors that matter to you, while still gaining the other benefits that come with a town move.

Think beyond school ratings

While school ratings are important, we’ve learned time and time again that standardized testing can’t (and shouldn’t) be the only determining factor we define a good school by. Taking your time to research schools within a town’s school system will help you get a better understanding on what they have to offer for your little ones and whether it’s a right match for you and them.

Another pro-tip is to make sure that you’re also looking at what little ones can do before or after school. Whether there’s enough dance classes or extracurricular sports or music activities can help ensure that you’re prioritizing their wants and needs too.