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Is Now the Right Time to Buy?

The 10-year Treasury Note yield has been falling since early May.  This has driven down the interest rates for 30-year fixed mortgage...

Article image 3 Ways To Help Your Kids Create Community After A Summer Move

A summer move is a blessing in so many ways. You have a bit more wiggle room with shorter work days or downtime with kids’ school, you have more to look forward to in your new town (summer activities galore), and your home feels a bit cozier and like its potential is endless in the…

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Article image What Is Suburbit?

When launches at the top of 2019 it will be the tangible manifestation of a dream I had a little over a year ago. I spent a decade of my life working in the financial industry. Bloomberg was my past career home, but deep down I always knew that my passions would lead me…

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