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Why New Yorkers Choose To Move To The Suburbs (It’s More Than Just Schools)

New Yorkers aren’t forced to move to the suburbs, they choose to move there. This fact is a good place to start...

Article image Buying and Lending in the Age of Covid

You made sure that your credit profile is as strong as it can be, set aside your down payment money, and sourced the documents that your lender is requiring to secure a mortgage pre-approval. You were sure that you understood the criteria for your loan and the process that includes signing a contract to purchase,…

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Article image Parenting In The Times of COVID

Since schools have been closed,  many of us parents are wondering how are we going to continue to entertain our kids. We have a few mommy blogs to reference for fun activities, baking ideas, and online resources for your kids to join in. We are all about community and we’re all in this together, even…

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Article image 4 Ways To Make Friends In Your New Town

Moving to the suburbs is amazing for all the perks it brings into your life — hello, extra closet space, but it also comes with its realities that need to be adjusted to. For instance, city-living meant being able to maintain friendships a tad bit easier because that’s what after-work-drinks were made for. Things become a…

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Article image What Is Suburbit?

When launches at the top of 2019 it will be the tangible manifestation of a dream I had a little over a year ago. I spent a decade of my life working in the financial industry. Bloomberg was my past career home, but deep down I always knew that my passions would lead me…

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