What’s Behind Our 10 Question “Find Your Town” Quiz

By February 28, 2019 2:26 am Take your find your town quiz

When we were pulling together the questions for our town-matching quiz, we knew that we wanted to make it all encompassing without making it overwhelming. We know you already have so much on your plate and navigating a 50-question quiz that could match you to your new home just isn’t how you want to spend your time. Especially not when we can get to the answer in 10 questions and leave you with some extra time to take another quiz that will help you figure out what your pet soulmate is.

It was also really clear to us that in this process we wanted to make sure we were both holding your hand and pulling back the curtain in ways that mattered to you.

Below are each of our 10 questions with quick explainers on why we’re asking the question and what value answering will bring to you.

Where is your perfect town match?

This is our first and most straightforward question. The question offers different regions as a multiple choice answer. The reason why we don’t make this open ended is because there’s such a thing as casting the net too wide and while it may seem like a positive idea to be open to anything, your town isn’t a place you want to compromise on.

What home-buying budget do you have to work with?

This is cut and dry, and a little bit nerve-racking if you ask us. Our intention with hitting you with the number question so early on is to remind you that finances are just information in the form of numbers. Knowing this will help all parties involved make sure they’re bringing the right results to the table.

How long are you willing to commute into and out of the city?

A 45-minute commute from Brooklyn and into Midtown Manhattan feels a bit different than a commute from Long Island or Connecticut into Manhattan. Our hope is that getting you thinking about what kind of commute makes the most sense for you and your family will help us figure out what’s more important for you — a bigger home or closer proximity to the city.

How important are school ratings for you?

Just because school ratings have been traditionally coupled with the reason why families choose to move out of the city, it’s important to reality check how important this actually is for you and your family. More and more families are approaching school ratings with a holistic mindset and a grain of salt — because oftentimes testing isn’t always indicative of the school that would be right for you or your little ones.  

How would you describe the vibe of your ideal town?

On the actual quiz this question will be followed by different examples you can choose from, but for now let’s get you thinking about overall feel. Would you like it to be more laid-back or is it important for you for it to feel like the town version of Times Square?

How many dinner and night cap options do you need?

When you’re coming from New York City it’s hard to consider a town that may have just a handful of different dinner options, but these places exist and abound. With this question we’re trying to dive in deeper on how much you’d like your lifestyle to influence your town choice. Can you settle for a town with just one or two dinner spots? Do you need a hometown with an up and coming culinary scene? All important questions to ask yourself.

What other conveniences do you need within reach?

Is it important for you to have a Starbucks, a dry cleaners, and your bank all in the same town or are you okay with a 10-minute drive to the next town over? The key here is ensuring that your barometer of what conveniences are and where you need them is being met during your town search process — think, what would bring me joy (and make my life easier) a la Marie Kondo style.

You’re looking for physical activities. What’s ideal?

Moving out of the city suddenly opens up so much real estate for other activities, like hiking, playing in the park, or even canoeing. Think about how outdoorsy you wish you had the opportunity to be or the things that you’d do more of if you had the chance. Yes, we’re talking about more regular yoga classes or a membership to the gym that actually pays for itself. Zeroing in on how you want physical activity to weave into your lifestyle will help determine the best home fit for you.

What activities and services do you need for your kids?

If we’re honest, and if you have little ones, there’s a big chance that your move is being prompted by the fact that you want to provide different for them. Have honest conversations with them (if they’re old enough) on what they would look forward to doing if they moved to a town and think about the kind of activities that you would want to encourage them to join. In some cases this could really help you narrow in on a town that for instance values soccer more than they do football.

Do crime rates factor into your decision to leave the city?

We know that most people would lead with this question, but it’s one we wanted to ensure didn’t get lost in the mix for you. Thinking long and hard about whether this is a big motivator in your move can help you find the home and town where you’ll feel the most safe or one that rests on your understanding that no town is a match for your street smarts.

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