5 Ways To Self-Care During Your Homebuying Process

By April 17, 2019 4:36 pm Self-care bath

Very few things are on par with the process of buying a new home. It’s the stress of tax season, the excitement of new beginnings, and the sleepless nights that come courtesy of both. The bags under your eyes will need their own corner of the moving van come move-in day and let’s not talk about the way your skin is rebelling to the onslaught of newness. You know that you’re working towards a bigger goal, but it doesn’t rid you of the reality that day by day navigating homebuying is rough.

When you’re in the thick of it it’s hard to remember that there are life rafts arm’s length away and that all it takes is you grabbing hold and not letting go.

We’ve nabbed five different self-care practices that will keep you sane while you navigate buying a home for the first time. (We didn’t add in reading our blog as one of the practices, but ya know….ya know 😉)

Partner with a realtor who is your best friend

We write about this a lot. Like in this post. And in this one. But, it’s because it’s the cornerstone to having the best home buying experience possible. You want to have someone who is going to ease your stress, not someone who is going to add to it. This means hiring someone who knows both the neighborhood and the home buying process like the back of their hand — no excuses. Look out for red flags that would lead you to believe that you’d be teaching them more than you’d be learning from them. No one wants that kind of stress.

Invest in eye masks, face masks, and bath bombs

Yes, this is on every self-care list that has ever been written on the world wide web, but it’s because it works! Beyond the ways that every inch of your body will feel moisturized, each of these items buy you time and in most cases are packaged rejuvenation. Having to sit still with a face mask for 20 minutes, or sinking into a bathtub with a colorful, smells good bath bomb for an hour, means that you’ll be caring for yourself and only yourself during that time.

An hour with headphones in is an hour for you

If bath bombs or cooling eye masks aren’t for you, that’s cool- that’s what podcasts and audiobooks were invented for. Put your headphones on and decide that this is your sacred hour. You won’t work on pre-approval documents and you won’t do down payment math in your head. You’ll focus on your present and let that moment be enough.

Pick up a hobby you can carry into your new home

This is one of the funner items on the list because it’s active and it’s something you can carry with you into your new home. Picking up yoga or learning how to cook new dishes while you’re in your smaller apartment or in the middle of the city may be harder, but it allows you to bring the practice with you and will offer you an instant state of familiarity once you’re in a new home and the boxes are still stacked miles high.

Journal your heart away

Hang out with your own thoughts. Allow yourself to daydream about your new home amidst new pages. Give yourself the space and time to jot down all of your worries and let them live in the pages instead of in your own mind. You get to dream big, even while you’re drowning in paperwork because that’s the thing…you’re drowning in paperwork and open houses because you’re trying to make dreams come true.

Bringing it all full-circle and ensuring that you’re setting yourself up for success means taking the time to take care of yourself just as much as you take care of the home buying details.

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