6 Things You Need To Know Before You Head To Your Town’s Farmer’s Market

By May 24, 2019 12:18 pm What to Know Before Heading to Farmers Market

Welcome to farmer’s market season. A special season where allergies are gifted separately (but consistently) and where weekend mornings are best spent in athleisure gear as you make the rounds at your new favorite haven.

We know farmer’s markets exist in pockets of the city, but your town’s market will be a mix of local, homey vibes you just can’t get anywhere else. No matter how hard you try. Whether you shopped at city markets or this is your first go at shopping local farmers markets – consider this the spark notes refresher you didn’t know you needed.

We compiled the magical fruit and veggie-buying checklist that will help you make the most of your Saturday morning outing and will help the haul last until your next farmer’s market visit.

Get there early

It all starts with the prep. Set your alarm clock for an early morning and set yourself up for success by calling it an early night beforehand. Getting to the farmer’s market as soon as they open will help you beat the mid-morning crowds and the stress that come with them. The sun will also not be as high which means taking a couple of laps around the market won’t prompt sunburns and sweating through leggings.

Bring your own tote

You’ve been training your whole life for this. Seriously, this is where you’re finally able to put to good use every single free tote you got at a New York City event. Bringing your own tote to the farmer’s market is the most eco-friendly option and also the safest way to guarantee that you’ll have something to carry your load in. While most sellers will have some version of a bag for you, it’s never a guarantee.

Make a list

Here’s the best mindset to walk into the farmer’s market with — it’s like going to Target. You want to walk in with a list, but give yourself room to buy things that spark joy while you’re making your rounds. The list will help guarantee that you’re shopping for your week, but the room to also buy somethings that are off the list will keep the experience fun.

Take a lap

Once you’ve gotten out of your car and have your list in hand don’t go for the first stand you see. Take a lap, chat up the sellers, ask them where their farms are or where they’re getting their produce from. Let the warmth of the morning (and the farmer’s market community friendliness) envelope you. Then once you’re good to go – start filling your bag at the beginning.

Shop in season

So here’s the truth, if a fruit or veggie isn’t in season, but is being sold at the market there’s a high chance that you’re buying there what you’d get at your local grocery store. Sticking to in season products will help make sure that you’re buying the freshest, straight from the farm options there are. Some spring products that are in season — strawberries (or really all the berries), avocado, peas, or radishes.

Have cash at hand

While more and more vendors are using the square app to help process debit card payments, you’ll never know for sure who will or won’t. Having cash at hand will help guarantee that you don’t miss out on your favorite flower bouquet or the most fragrant strawberries you’ve ever been near.

The best part about the farmer’s market in your own town is that after you’ve had the chance to shop to your heart’s content, you’re able to slip back into your car and take your load home without having to carry bags up and down subway stairs or a fifth floor walk up.