Tips For Hosting Your First BBQ In Your New Home

By July 10, 2019 5:56 pm Your First BBQ

It’s summertime and with it comes the joy of hosting backyard soirees you were never able to host in the city. One of the many perks of moving right outside the city is that weekends are a bit slower in the ‘burbs and the space you live in (and can host in) is about 4xs larger.

We know how stressful moving into a new home can be, but we also know that there’s nothing like a party to remind you that you’ve made the right move and that the stress was all worth it. 

Planning your first BBQ ever can be tricky though, so we pulled together a list of items you’ll want to add to your party planning list. Between getting the food ready and prepping the guest list, our goal is to make sure that you’re excited and looking forward to this get together. 

Your first BBQ can turn into your first summer tradition in your new home and isn’t that a treat. 

Make a shopping list

Plan the menu ahead of time and reserve your online food delivery slot or set aside a time in your schedule to get to your grocery store before the event. Don’t forget vegetarian options or beverages!

Disposable plates + utensils 

You’re still getting the lay of the land when it comes to your new home, this is your first real time hosting a barbecue — pick up some cute disposable plates and utensils at Target and take pride in finding the prettiest set. No one will judge you for not wanting to have a mountain of dishes to load into the dishwasher come night.  

Plan for smart + easy apps and snacks

Your main dish during a BBQ is going to be any and all things you put on the grill itself, so try your best to cut yourself some slack when it comes to snacks and appetizers. Err on the side of classic favorites — chips, salsa, guac, fruit platter. Knowing that everyone will have something to munch on will help take some pressure off of you once guests start to arrive. 

Encourage guests to bring sides 

If your first barbecue happens to be a family and close friends affair, don’t think twice in asking them to bring one of their favorite sides. Whether they bring a potato salad or an apple pie, knowing you’re all in this together will make the afternoon that more fun. 

Make sure you’re stocked up on BBQ essentials the day before

Set a reminder on your phone the day before your barbecue to run through items you know you’ll need to have in order to grill the next day — utensils, charcoal, all the workings that will get your BBQ from fired up to tummies completely full. Setting an alarm for the morning before will make sure you have time to buy anything you don’t already have without feeling too overwhelmed. 

Remind yourself you’re invited to the party too

This isn’t just an event where you’re meant to serve the entire time, sit down, mingle, put your legs up for a while. You deserve to soak in the sun and enjoy what will be the first of many BBQs you’ll host in your new home. 

These are the moments you went through all of the home buying stress for.