3 Ways To Make Sure Your Summer Weekends Include More Than Just Open Houses

By July 18, 2019 6:50 pm Summer Fun While House-hunting

As the summer crawls it’s way through our lives and seemingly then zooms past us, it’s easy to daydream about beach weekends or walks around city neighborhoods at sunset. Realistically, you may be thinking about how this could easily be your last summer in the city and it makes sense that you’d want to appreciate every moment of it, even if you are ready to own a home with central AC. 

Taking advantage of all New York City summer has to offer can be an added layer of stress when you’re spending most weekends hopping from one open house to the next.  We’re taking over the heavy lifting and below you’ll find a checklist that will help ensure you have as much fun as possible this summer.

We know how hard it is to prep documents for your pre-approval or to navigate getting to know you sessions with one of our real estate experts and for as worth it as that time spent will be once you’ve signed on a house, the last thing anyone wants is for this last summer season in the city to feel like wasted time. 

Make a list of fun activities that don’t require specific time commitments

Flexibility is key when it comes to looking for a new home, so it wouldn’t make sense to make plans to host a cookout or head to the beach every Saturday in the summer. Instead of feeling like you’ll be missing out on those kinds of things, make a list of all you can do with the time you do have. For instance, picnics can happen at any time of the day or stopping in at your local diner or biergarten is doable whether you’re heading there for lunch or swinging by after a day of open houses. 

Make the most of your favorite summer traditions

You’ll be swapping out a fire escape for a backyard before you know it, give yourself the time and permission to spend one last night crawling out of a window and looking up at another New York City high rise to wonder how the world could be that tall. You’ll miss those moments more than you know. 

Plan on big park outings with your closest crew

Whenever you move into your new home, you may not be bringing all of your city friendships with you. You’ll see your crew a little less often, and it’s worth celebrating the time you do have with them. Use your summer to plan out a final hurrah in your favorite park. Keep it lowkey, so it doesn’t add to your weekend stress, but make sure it includes your favorite people and things so you know it’ll bring you joy. Think your favorite picnic blankets, rose in water bottles, and too expensive cheese and fruit platters from Zabar’s. 

No matter how you’re divvying up your summer weekends, just remember that for as much as you’re building for the future you want to be as present in the now as possible. These will be the memories you take with you into whatever new home you’ll start making your own come fall.