(Socially) Distant Learning

By April 6, 2020 7:33 pm Distance Learning

Our way of learning is evolving, and picking up new skills to add to your resume can help you stay relevant in your field or even pivot to something new. Through the power of technology, the concept of e-learning has made it a lot easier to get your hands on the information and skillset you are seeking. Below we list 3 amazing online resources to dive into within the next few weeks.

Happy Learning! 


Coursera is a great platform that offers classes from many well-known universities around the world. With a wide range of courses to choose from you’re bound to find a class or course that is the right fit for you. Not only does Coursera offer courses on a variety of topics the platform also offers a specialization certificate, online degrees, and professional certificates in select fields which is a nice addition to your resume or Linkedin page.


We are very familiar with Youtube. Our kids are constantly watching their favorite TV characters or random videos of toy reviews but there is more to Youtube for adults than you might have thought. Youtube is a great platform for learning new things. The search button is an endless portal to many great educational videos in various subject groups such as gardening, DIY home decor, cooking recipes, and the list goes on. The fun aspect of Youtube is the trial and error of finding the right channel for your interest. Once you‘ve found the right channel it’s all a matter of clicking the subscribe button to your new-found channel and stay tuned for the latest videos. 


Lynda is another amazing resource to tap into as a professional seeking to expand their skills. As the leading e-learning platform, Lynda offers courses in business, software, technology, and creative skill sets such as graphic design, illustration, and photography. If you’re looking to have a very hands-on learning experience, Lynda is the way to go.