Parenting In The Times Of COVID

By April 29, 2020 6:10 pm Parenting during Coronavirus

Since many school buildings have been closed, us parents are wondering how are we going to continue to maintain our sanity and entertain our kids. We have a few mommy blogs to reference for fun or relaxing activities, baking ideas, and online resources for you and your kids to join in on. We are all about community and we’re all in this together, even if it’s virtually!

Stroller in the City

Brianne the creator of the Stroller in the City is a good resource for tapping into fun online classes such as online tech camps and book recommendations for your little ones. It’s important to ensure some screen time is spent on educational activities that are also fun. We all know e-learning can be stressful for both the parent and child so finding educational alternatives with help elevate the pressure and allow your child to explore a little self-teaching. Brianne is also serving us with amazing loungewear for the kids, we’re not the only ones who need new fits during the quarantine. It’s important to feel comfortable, especially during the crazy time we are currently in. Imagine the excitement your little will feel as soon they receive a new pair of PJs or funny cozy socks!

Mom Trends

Fun hairstyles, new audible reads, and fun printable sheets for the kids, what more can you ask for? Nicole from Mom Trends is giving us the okay to try new hairstyles while staying home for the next couple of weeks. Although we’re home, it doesn’t mean the messy buns have to be the go-to for the little ones and who knows, maybe it may boost their self-esteem as well. We’re at the point where everyone is beginning to feel the burden of quarantine. Nicole also provides great recommendations for Audible reads for the kids. A great way to encourage your children to branch out into different book genres and also giving them downtime to sit and listen, it can even turn into a family story-time with their favorite snacks on deck.

Love Taza
There is nothing better than a little old fashion imaginary fun. Taza, from the blog Love Taza, shares just how important it is to allow our kids to have fun without any electronics and to practice using their minds to create an alternate space to play in. Taza also provides great baking recipes to try with your kids that are both delicious and healthy. From whole wheat apple muffins, donuts, and popsicles you are bound to find something that is well suited for the whole family while also adding in one-on-one family time.