Early Learners During the Pandemic

By August 28, 2020 4:44 pm Remote learning tools

At Suburbit, one thing we love to promote is the importance of community. Now more than ever, it is crucial to come together as a community and help one another out while maintaining the appropriate steps to follow social distancing guidelines. Now that the school year is right around the corner, some are entering the second semester of online learning with our young children. For many parents, this may cause anxiety and stress as we struggle with finding the right tools and resources to help our children learn. Here are a few options for our youngest learners that can offer some online educational tools to help boost their educational experience during these trying times.

Bumo Brain

A virtual school geared towards supporting parents while also providing the appropriate curriculum for young minds. Bumo offers real classroom experience and learning activities from the comfort of your home, as well as a monthly Bumo Box. The box contains various products from other educational and lifestyle brands such as bilingual books to teach children Spanish and simplified mandarin and activities from learning beautiful.

PBS Kids Games

PBS is an excellent resource for kids, especially during the quarantine. Not only does the educational tv teach our children emotional intelligence, but also how to distinguish colors, spell, and count. During a jam-packed day of e-learning from school, PBS Kids Games will be a great way to break up the intense learning with fun games. PBS provides a variety of options from apps to download, ebooks specific to age, subject, and skill level.

ABC Mouse

ABC Mouse is a platform for all ages; their curriculum starts at the age of two and extends to the age of 13. ABC Mouse implements progressive learning activities within their programs t which takes the heats off the parents but also provides your child with a well-rounded and challenging learning environment. For preschoolers and Kindergarteners starting this fall, ABC Mouse can help teach children the alphabet, how to read, numbers, shapes, and colors, along with an introduction to addition and subtraction, setting a foundation for their education.