you’re on the Move

By January 28, 2021 7:35 pm Moving Day to the Suburbs

Goodbye, 2020, Hello, 2021! 

It’s safe to say we are all holding our breath for what’s to come in this new year, but what we know with absolute certainty is how adaptable we’ve become in our spaces under high-pressure situations. Please give yourself a round of applause because you deserve it! Let’s kick-off the year with fantastic moving tips for those looking for more space this year.

Make a list – Write it down and check it off. 

First off, if you plan on packing yourself, start early! It can be a tedious and time-consuming task, so give yourself a buffer so you can take a night off if you’re just not in the mood to sort through your life. (Sidenote: While packing isn’t so much fun, it does allow you to KonMari your things on the front end– what brings you joy?!) Next on the list is creating a budget. Establishing a budget when planning a move will eliminate stress and any surprises. As we all know, moving can add up quickly, especially with larger families. Here are the points to keep in mind: 

Do you want to hire professional movers?

There are various options when hiring movers, depending on your needs and budget, such as supplies, packing, moving, etc. If you want to focus on other areas of the move, hiring professional movers is your best option. This option is more expensive but will allow you to concentrate on researching your new community, getting your new home furnished and ready to live in, canceling your utilities, and setting them up at your new home, among other tasks. 

If you’re not hiring professional movers, do you have friends and family that can assist? 

Packing and moving on your own comes with a little more hassle; ensuring you have a truck rented for the allotted time you need is critical. Many moving trucks charge per mile plus gas, so ensuring everything is ready to go before the moving begins will save money. 

How to prepare for Moving-Day

It’s important to meal prep the week before moving to make sure you are using most of the food in your fridge to minimize the amount of food you’re traveling with. This will allow you an opportunity to get creative with the food you have left. Do I hear the possibility of a new family favorite? 

Most importantly, please make sure the day before the big move you get plenty of sleep. Try your best to make your day as stress-free as possible. 

On the day of the big move, we recommend stocking a fridge with a few drinks and snackable items to make sure you are staying hydrated during the long day. It’s very easy to put aside your basic needs when things are very hectic but always remember to put your health first.

We’re very excited about those leaping from city to suburb. We hope these tips help you with your big move. Happy Moving!